Hi, I'm Michelle Ernoult.

Whilst I didn't grow up with an interest in the natural world, by chance I become a beekeeper.  From the very first time I looked inside a bee hive I have been totally fascinated by bees and their environment. 

Today my interest in bees has expanded to include not only honey bees, but bumble bees, solitary bees and other insects.  I am endlessly curious about insects and wildflowers and the relationships between them.  I am passionate about learning more and hope to inspire the same wonder about the natural world in others.

Thank you for a wonderful morning. The children and all the adults in the classes thought you were fantastic! You managed to captivate the children for such a long time. You inspired them to ask some great questions and managed their excitement so well. 

It was lovely to have someone to visit who is so knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. 

Mrs W, Year 1 Head, Hampshire

Michelle is such a bubbly character, the girls love her and still talk about ‘the bee lady’.

Mrs V, Gatwick

Mr R, Surrey . . . Michelle presented workshops to our Early Years children, both virtually and face-to-face. The children were engaged, interested and learnt many new things about honey bees. Best of all, it allowed them to ask insightful questions about bees and how they work. The wax candles meant the children could work independently to create their own candle, which caused delight amongst both our children and their parents. We, as a school, were delighted with the workshops and look forward to another visit. 

Mr R, Surrey

Thank you so much for a really informative and fun couple of weeks, the Beavers really enjoyed it - as did the adults! We were surprised by how engrossed the group were with the talk, we had to stop questions as parents were waiting to pick them up! 

Louise, Beaver Scout Leader

Michelle’s knowledge about and passion for her bees is inspiring. 

Mrs L, Wallington, Surrey

I have known this lady for a few years now and can say that I have always enjoyed her talks and have always learnt something new. Her talks are well structured to the age group she is talking to. I will always recommend Michelle to anyone who asks. Candle making was so enjoyable we repeated the activity – great for all ages. 

Mrs J, Scout Leader, Croydon

Michelle first came to talk to our WI in 2013. She delivered a very interesting talk on bees and we all joined in a beeswax candle making session. We have had Michelle back to us on several occasions and have always found her talks and tutorials both interesting and informative.

Mrs J, Wallington

We all thank you so very much for the wonderful talk on Beekeeping.It was so interesting,and we loved your products that you sold. Those of us on the committee had some very good feedback from our members,who said that you were an excellent speaker and very interesting, with so much packed into your hour. One of our best talks ever with so much information. Well presented and clearly spoken and delivered. We all felt that questions as you go was better than at the end. One member had enjoyed your talks before and this was the best ever. A lot of us had not realised how complicated the structure of a beehive is. Many thanks for such an enjoyable afternoon that kept us all entertained.   

Local WI