What can Honey & Beeswax be used for?

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The list of uses for honey and beeswax are endless but here are some: 


Cut comb and cappings are popular with hayfever sufferers as they tend to contain more pollen. If using honey for hayfever the advice is that you should take 1 teaspoon a day for a month before your symptoms usually start. Honey should be as local as possible. However, honey will not help hayfever sufferers if the allergies are grass pollen as bees do not forage on grass. 

Comb honey

Honey and lemon for colds is a well known remedy. A recent study showed that children’s cough mixtures were ineffective, but that a spoonful of honey provided some relief from night time coughs. 

Honey is a great source of energy. The glucose provides an immediate burst of energy, with the fructose providing sustained energy. Sir Edmund Hillary came from a beekeeping family and he put honey at the forefront of his daily training and endurance regime.

Honey on bread

Honey boosts the immune system helping the body to heal itself.  Hippocrates – the father of modern medicine – recommended honey as a wound dressing. 

Honey and chamomile tea helps settle an upset tum, whilst honey in hot milk can help insomnia. In fact a spoonful of honey before bed is recommended to help you wake refreshed. This is because the fructose is stored in the liver as an energy reserve. Our brains don’t stop when we sleep and they require a constant supply of energy which is provided by the fructose.


Again an endless list of uses from furniture and leather polishes, a sewing aid to help the needle pass through material more easily, to stop a drawer from sticking and of course candles.

Although beeswax is waterproof, it locks moisture in with its waxy structure so is ideal as an addition to lip balms and intense moisturisers for hands, cuticles, elbows, knees, heels etc

Lip balm

Honey makes a lovely moisturising but soft bar of soap. Beeswax makes a hard bar of soap with a good lather so a combination of beeswax & honey in soap makes for the perfect combination – mother nature knew what she was doing even if she didn’t know we were going to be using it to make soap.

Lemon & Lime Soap

A combination of honey and beeswax can also help make moisturising lip balms and hand salves to which essential oils can be added for their therapeutic benefits as well as their wonderful fragrances

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