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  1. In The Beginning . . . (Part 2) . . . Where did bees come from?

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    I love giving talks to children’s groups because they ask such wonderful questions and I have learnt so much from talking to them.

    One of my favourite questions is, “Where do bees come from?”.  Especially when I can answer that bees were around when the dinosaurs roamed the earth!

    Around 135 million years ago when dinosaurs walked the earth there were also some insects.  Some of these insects were oversized butterflies and dragonflies.

  2. In The Beginning . . . (Part 1)

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    A gloomy January morning walk today had me thinking about how very different our world could have been without insects. 


    When we think of nature and conservation we tend to think of the larger animals and birds, but insects really are the invisible unsung heroes of our world.

    Around 135 million years ago, dinosaurs walked the earth.  When we think of dinosaurs roaming the earth, we tend to think of huge beasts tearing up the vegetation, colossal battles between gigantic armour plated warriors, and herds of smaller beasts being chased and preyed upon by larger dinosaurs, whilst the gigantic forerunners of today’s birds dominate the skies.

    We rarely, if at all, give much thought to the plants and insects which would have inhabited this world. 

  3. Honey Bees Through The Seasons

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    It really is a very bleak day here today.  Snow is causing chaos over much of the country.  We’re luckier than most in our patch in Surrey.  We’ve had a little snow, a lot of heavy rain and strong winds.  The sky is grey outside the windows. 

    The Winter Solstice (the shortest day and longest night the year) was last week.  Although I doubt any of us have noticed it yet, the sun is gradually growing in strength and the days are starting to get just a tiny bit longer each day.

    Photo:  Sun rise on the Winter Solstice


    During this time the beehives show little or no signs of activity and look abandoned.  However inside is a different story.