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  1. Bees in Winter

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    Up until the last few days most of us have been enjoying a milder than usual autumn, but the last few days have definitely turned colder.  Brrrrrrr

    Photo:  Carder bee foraging on hebe on a sunny afternoon last week

    P1010718 (2)

    I often get asked what happens to the bees in winter so now seems a good time for a blog about just that.

    The answer is - it depends on which type of bee it is. 

  2. An Exciting Find!!!!!!

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    It's a busy week of events and talks this week, but this morning I decided to make the most of a few hours and have a long, autumn walk.  Armed with camera and Bug (my doggy companion) we set off for a  meandering walk.  


    It was a glorious morning - autumn sun shine, crisp leaves to crunch through, fungus growing at the foot of trees, a kingfisher darting along the river (to quick to photograph).